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Sunday, March 2, 2014
Supreme Govenor Visits Thursday, April 24th
Tickets will be available in the Social Quarters for anyone to purchase. Charlie and Gail will also be her, they will be picking him up at the Airport and bringing him to the lodge. They will also be at the District function so look for Vince or Mo for the tickets.
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Administrator's Message
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March brings us spring time. I think we missed the winter this year. Your lodge is holding its own with all that is going on. All organizations need to stay up with the times. That means we need your new thoughts and ideas. If you think we should move forward or in a different direction come on down and express yourself. The lodge could use help in several categories. These categories are mentioned in the newsletter. For instance, someone to stay up on Facebook, Twitter and send out emails. None of these take a lot of time by themselves; but put them on one or two people and it can get a bit much. So step up and pick something you would like to do to keep your Moose Lodge moving forward. Anna from Nate Mileys office has stepped up and will be showing what she has to offer with the 3rd and 4th Monday dinner specials and show your support. This will also give Joseph a little asked for break. We have started to bring up in February’s meetings, members that would like to be on the board for next year. They will be running this lodge and be sworn in at the installation dinner the last Saturday in April. If you would like to be on the board make it known to a current Board member or put your name in at the lodge. Positions are listed in the newsletter. Our Supreme Governor from Moose International will be giving us a special visit Thursday April 24th (2 days before our installation dinner) mark your calendar for both evenings. The installation dinner details will be posted as time gets closer so find more about this year’s installation dinner and our special guest at the lodge
Robert Pirone, Administrator
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